The Simmons Dreamscape crib mattress grows with your baby. The extra firm infant side is for babies less than 12 months. After 12 months flip the mattress over to the toddler side for a more comfortable sleep surface. The microfiber cover is soft to the touch and tear resistant. It’s even quilted on the toddler side for extra comfort and durability. The extra firm mattress core is made from 100% recycled polyester for a sleep surface with fewer pressure points than traditional coil mattresses. The polyester fibers in the core are bonded vertically with heat for a core that is durable and breathable allowing air to flow through it to help keep baby’s sleep surface from overheating. It doesn’t off-gas like foam and it’s 99.9% VOC free. The cover is water and stain resistant. Great for toddler beds too!
*Heat bonded recycled polyester core is breathable and 99.9% VOC free
*Extra Firm Support
*2 Sided – extra firm side for infants to 12 months and more comfortable side for toddlers after 12 months
*Lightweight for easier sheet changing
*Microfiber cover is soft, durable and water/stain resistant
*Core is naturally mold and mildew resistant
*Mattress size is 27.5” x 52” (69.85 x 132 cms) Fits standard size cribs
*5” (12.7 cms) thickness
*Maximum weight 50 lbs (22.3 kgs)


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