The Fisher-Price Calming Vibes Hedgehog Soother is a cuddly pal that helps comfort your baby, at home or while traveling, so you both can get some much-needed sleep. Your little snuggler will love its sweet face, cozy fabrics, and gentle music and vibrations. Plus, the hedgehog soother has 4 different settings, so you can customize the soothing to best fit your baby’s ever-changing needs. Where development comes into play. Sensory: The soother’s soft textures, gentle music and calming vibrations engage your baby’s developing tactile and auditory senses. Healthy Habits: This portable soother helps keep your baby’s bedtime routine consistent, whether they’re at home or traveling, helping them develop healthy sleep habits. Security & Happiness: The hedgehog’s sweet, friendly face, snuggly fabrics, and gentle music and vibrations make this soother the perfect pal to comfort your baby.
• Portable, snuggly hedgehog soother for babies from birth +
• 5 Sensory Discoveries to engage your baby’s senses of hearing and touch
• 4 music and vibrations settings for customized soothing
• 10 minutes of gentle music and sounds, plus volume control, and calming vibrations
• Machine washable (with electronics removed)


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